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Welcome to Optigon! A web design company specializing in SEO optimizing.

Using our SEO skills and tools we can get your website to the top of search engine rankings!
  • Web designers & developers
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimizing) Experts
  • Software Programmers for internet & Windows custom programs
  • Professional & experienced with a strong portfolio of web sites
  • Logo conception & design
  • ASP.net, Javascript, SQL, MySQL, CSS, C#, VB, PHP, MVC

Website Design & Development and SEO E-Commerce Websites

Web Developers and Web Designers

Simply put, a Web Designer is tasked with how the site looks and how 'user-friendly' it is, a Web Developer is tasked with the sites creation and its intricate workings. Why am I telling you this? Because Optigon, unlike other companies, not only create modern, attractive, user-friendly websites, they develop the site's workings to allow creation of any kind of site. This is also how we can offer e-commerce solutions for people wanting to sell their goods online.

Programming Design

Without getting too technical, our web developers use a wide range of programming languages such as ASP.net, PHP and Javascript to bring the website alive! If you wanted a simple "About Us" type web page, we would still use a programming language rather than using just design a markup language such as HTML. This allows you to ask us to expand your website at a future date and we won't have to re-do previous work!

The all-important SEO

Unless you expressly forbid us, we always design a website with SEO in mind! After many years of working with businesses dependant upon the internet, we know how to make an online business work. It is almost always the case that a customer will want to be found on Google and all the other search engines. If a customer is trying to make a living off the net we can put all our experience towards promoting your goods and services!

Examples of Optigon's SEO web design & E-Commerce work